Monday, 27 May 2013

Assalamu alaykum!

So I started this blog quite some time ago, but then got distracted with uni starting and got really wound up in my life that I forgot about this!

That's the reason why I think my first official post should be about distractions of the worldly life.

We do so many different things in our every day life, sometimes we lose track of our priorities.

There can be many aspects of our lives that distract us and take us away from our main goal.

I just recently started uni and I can honestly say I have been so busy with my life and trying to sort things out I'm now afraid that I will start to neglect my ultimate goal of Jannah.
So how do we stay on track with the millions of things we do in our daily lives?!

1- keep your intentions clear

Intentions are super important, Our actions are judged based on our intentions.
As the Hadeeth goes:
'Umar ibn al-Khattab relates that he heard the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam, say, "Verily actions are by intentions, and for every person is what he intended..."
so before we start any action we should
purify our intention,
then go ahead!

2- know your priorities!

We have a million things we do every day, knowing what our priorities are is SUPER important to having a productive life and reaching our ultimate goal. For this I would recommend reading Yusuf AlQardhawi's book "Fiqh of Priorities", and if you in Australia then check out this workshop on Priorities!

3- watch your prayers

Prayers connect us with our religion, they strengthen our Imaan and they remind us that Allah swt is ALWAYS watching. your 5 daily prayers are like a break from your life every few hours to reconnect with Allah. SubhanAllah we should think ourselves lucky that Allah has given us this opportunity to connect with him every so often.

4- organize your day

A great and really helpful way to do this is by using Abu Productive's taskinator.  when you know from the morning what it is that you have to do throughout the day you realise that you must stay on track to get it all done. The taskinator also allows you to ensure that you organize your life so that it's balanced. You don't want to be abandoning any certain part of your life!

5- set reminders

I know this seems so simple and trivial and a lot of people may think that will never work!
Trust me it really does.
we all use our phones ALL THE TIME! usse your phone to set reminders throughout the day to ensure that you are not forgetting your ultimate goal.
put up hadeeths around the house, in the kitchen or on top of the tv!
it really helps :)

I hope that helps, may Allah swt help us all to stay on the right track and remember him and worship him in the best manner possible.

remember, Allah guides those he loves, so make him love you :)



  1. Ma ShaAllah Aseel what a wonderful article, I especially like the (watch your prayer) its really imp. and Allah Swt will keep us successful and ongoing as long as we keep our prayers ongoing as well!
    Love it! And Can't wait for the next article :)

    All the best sister:)