Monday, 18 February 2013


Asalamu Alaykum (may peace be upon you)

Welcome aboard the Jannah express, where we find the easiest and fastest way to go through the road to paradise. The road to paradise can be a bumpy one, with many crossroads before reaching the end. We all need constant reminders to keep us on track, otherwise we may find ourselves on a completely different road!

I'm here to help myself before helping you to make the right decisions at the crossroads and to stay on track. So that inshaAllah we may one day reach Jannah together and see the fruits of our efforts.

In this blog you will find small reminders about our daily lives that can make a huge difference to our scale of deeds, you will also find some interesting ahadeeth(words of the prophet may peace be upon him) and ayat (words from the Quran) that may have inspired me and I felt important to share with you.

Before we begin, I feel it is important for the reader to know a little bit about the author, so here's a little general Information about myself:

My name is Aseel Sammak, I am from Australia about to commence my university studies in Bachelor of Law/Arts as well as a Bachelor in Islamic arts alhamdulilah. I have 2 role models, one being Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) as she was an amazing woman, not afraid to voice her opinion and was a HUGE support to the prophet (peace be upon him) if it wasn't for her we wouldn't know a lot of the daily sunan (non compulsory acts that we do to follow the example of our prophet). My other role model is my mother, as I feel she is always sincere in her work and is never afraid to take on new challenges, the state of this ummah is always a heavy burden on her heart and I admire her for that.

So that's all about me for now, I hope you enjoy the blog and gain some knowledge and hasanaaat out of it. 

I ask Allah to make this blog useful for those who are seeking to please Him and stay on the right path, AMEEN!

Wasalam (peace be upon you)

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